The importance of replacing the gloves

The importance of replacing the gloves

Although you can buy a little hanging hook to enable air to dry, this won’t prevent bacteria build-up.

Even if you wash your glove after each exfoliation, small dead skin cells will still remain on the glove, that we can’t remove because they will be tangling within the viscose fibers.

And if you don’t replace your glove after approximately 6-8 weeks of use, bacterias and mould may appear (bacterias are not obvious to the naked eye).

The mould that may have formed over time could produce allergens, irritants, and even toxic substances.

That is why we recommend replacing the glove each 6-8 weeks. This is also why we have our current “BOGOF” offer. It allows you to buy new gloves not every 6-8 weeks, but every 12-16 weeks.

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